KNOW HOW: Maintaining hardwood floors

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Yes, we all know that the holy grail of floors, its majesty hardwood is quite an investment to make, but did you know it can last for a lifetime?  If you want to pass your precious hardwood floor to your great-grandchildren, you will have to give it proper care. Hardwood floor requires special maintenance and that can be a bit intimidating for a lot of people. Professional cleaning is an absolute must, but what about everyday maintenance?  Not having proper knowledge about hardwood can complicate things even more. If you don’t know anything about your gorgeous floor, worry no more. Carpet Cleaning is here to help you. To keep your hardwood floors happy, just follow these simple tips.

  1. Vacuum

Make sure to vacuum your floor daily. Vacuuming is better everyday care than sweeping because it allows dirt and dust to be pulled from the space between boards. Small particles in the dust like sandpapers will slowly but surely wear through the finish. Vacuuming protects the shine of your hardwood floor. Keep in mind that not using a proper extension for your vacuum cleaner can damage the floor.

  1. Wax

The importance of waxing your hardwood floors once a year cannot be stressed enough. Wax protects your floors and once you’ve done the waxing you won’t have to mop again. Just wipe up spills immediately and that’s it.

  1. Use rugs

Rugs and doormats can be an important protection for your hardwood. Walking through specific areas several times a day will definitely wear down your floor. To reduce that, make sure to put rugs in high-traffic areas. Our honest recommendation would be to use cotton rugs

  1. Keep high hills away

Always remove your shoes at the front door and make sure stilettos are nowhere near your floors. High hills can damage hardwood terribly and repair the damage can cost you a fortune.

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