Upholstery Cleaning Arlington is the company you can trust with your furniture

We invest fortune into interior design and furniture. External appearance sales and that’s usually what we buy and care for, but have you ever taken time to think about what’s happening deep inside your favorite chair, out of your sight? The whole world of mold, germs and bacteria is happening just behind you while you’re relaxing and watching TV. We at Upholstery Cleaning Arlington VA can tell you all day about how harmful to your health dirty upholstery can be. Removing stains with a piece of cloth and bottle of spray only solves a part of the problem. Your furniture is getting worn out and there is only so much you can do without professional help. That’s when Upholstery Cleaning Arlington comes into play.

With our special spray ON Vacuum OFF procedure we make sure your furniture is properly cleaned and safe for yours and your family’s health. We, at Upholstery Cleaning Arlington VA, care and protect the environment. When cleaning and disinfecting your home, we only use organic products.

As soon as you have contacted us, our team of upholstery cleaning specialists will be at your door in no time. That’s when the whole magic of renewing your upholster furniture begins. Firstly our team will inspect the condition of your upholstery. After explaining you the whole process in detail, we get started. Armed with our revolutionary equipment and environment-friendly cleaning products, we make sure your furniture is powerfully but safely cleaned. Upholstery Cleaning Arlington offer you a deep down, professional cleaning sevice without damaging a single fiber of your upholstery furniture. When we step in you can just sit back, relax, and watch your old furniture become as good as new. With clean upholstery the quality of air improves and your whole home gets a fresh new look.